How to Use FileZilla (Video Tutorial)

In all of my tutorials where I show people how to install software or themes, I use FileZilla because in all honesty, it’s the first free FTP client that I stumbled across and since it’s good at what it does, I really had no reason to go with something else.

With that being said, I only use FileZilla for my tutorials and actually use Dreamweaver for my personal sites. This is mainly because I need something that is capable of editing files.

While I would be able to use FileZilla in conjunction with a text editor to edit files, for me Dreamweaver is a little more convenient due to its syntax highlighting, built in editor and WYSIWYG which makes it a lot easier for me to write my scripts and design my sites.

Of course for people that only need to edit files every once in a while and don’t necessarily need anything other than an FTP client, I think FileZilla is really great at what it does. In addition to that FileZilla is free so there isn’t really much that you can complaint about.

Now if you have a control panel such as cPanel or Plesk, I’d actually recommend using those over FileZilla because they are capable of unarchiving files. FTP clients on the other hand aren’t, so that is a bit of a draw back.

In the video below, I show you how to upload files and folders, rename files and folders, change permissions, download files, edit files, change file exist actions and more. Note that even though I’m using FileZilla on a Mac, the tutorial can still be used with a Windows computer because the interface of FileZilla is pretty much the same on both.

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