How to Add Admins and Admin Roles in Magento

When I first heard about being able to add admins in Magento, I figured that those other admins will have the same privileges that I do, but boy was I wrong. Adding admins in Magento is simply amazing because you can actually limit what those administrators can do in the admin panel.

For example, you can give your shipper access only to shipping information and you can even set limits on how much of this information is available to them.

Of course things don’t end there… You can also assign roles for people listing items, charging orders, configuring tax rates, managing promotions, newsletters, Google sitemaps, reviews and ratings, attributes and more.

In the video below, I show you how all of this is done.

Can’t view the video? Watch it on YouTube

For those of you that would prefer a written tutorial, here’s how it’s done.

Go to “System > Permissions > Roles” to assign permissions for your new admin(s).

Once on the roles page, you will notice that you already have one role setup which is named ‘administrators’ which is the role for your account. This role gives complete control over the admin panel. If you would like to give your new admin complete control, you do not have to create a new role.

Instead, you simply add a user and assign the ‘administrators’ role to the account which I will get to very soon, but for those of you that wish to add a new role, simply click on the “Add New Role” button.

On this page, you will need to name the new role in the ‘role name’ field. In the video I gave the name ‘Shipper’ to the new role.

Next go to ‘role resources’ and select the ‘custom’ option from the dropdown menu if you want to give this new role limited access.

Then simply tick off the permissions that you want to grant. In the video I granted the shipper role the following permissions:

The ability to view orders which was located in the sales section and I also ticked off the box ‘shipments’.

I then clicked the “Save Role” button.

I then created a user account by going to “System > Permissions > Users” and created a new user account and assigned the role of ‘Shipper’ in the “User Role” section and clicked the “Save User” button.

I then logged out of my admin panel and logged back in with the shipper’s login credentials to test the new account and it all worked as expected.

Of course, if in the future, you decide to change a user’s role, you do not need to create a new user. Instead, you just go to “System > Permission > Roles”, select the role of that user and edit those permissions.

If you would like to disable a user, you simply go to “System > Permissions > Users”, select the user and change their account from “Active” to “Inactive”.