How to Add an Image Inside of Text Using Photoshop

If you’re looking to put an image inside of text, the best way to do this is with a clipping mask because it let’s you stylize and resize your text even after you are finished editing. Below you can see how my text looked after I used this technique.



In reality, while the image looks like it’s inside of the text, what you are actually seeing is just a background that is visible due to the text being transparent outlined. Below you can see the background image that I used:


Open your background image

In the video below I show you how I created this text effect step by step and beneath the video, you will find the written tutorial:

Can’t view the video? Watch it on YouTube

Prepare your background:

Open the image that you plan to use as the background and if it’s locked, double click the layer to unlock it.


Unlock the layer

If you’d like, you can give your layer a unique name or use the default and click “ok”.


Name the layer

Next you’ll want to duplicate the background by right clicking on the layer and then clicking on “duplicate layer”.


Duplicate the layer

Give this duplicate layer a name or leave the default name and click “ok”.


Name the duplicate layer

Now select the duplicate layer, and click on the two tone circle at the bottom of the layers window which is named “create new fill or adjustment layer” and click on “solid color”. See the image below for more details:


Create new fill with solid color

Use white for the color. The hex color code for white is FFFFFF.


Enter the hex color code FFFFFF

Now drag this color filled layer beneath the duplicate background layer.


Drag the filled layer

The position of the layer should look like this:


Fill layer should be position beneath the duplicate background layer

Now select the duplicate background layer.


Select the duplicate background layer

Create your text:

Next, select the horizontal type tool in the left tool bar Horizontal type tool icon

Now type your text. You can see how my text looked in the image below:


Type your text

If you’re having a hard time seeing the text, you can change the color. I chose red because my background was very dark and my text was black so I had a hard time seeing it. The color that you use, really doesn’t matter because it’s just there to serve as an aid.


Choose a visible text color

When you are happy with the position of your text, simply click the “checkmark” icon. Note that you can always reposition the text later and it’s actually better to position it later because it will be easier for you to see which parts of your background will be visible through the text once you add the clipping mask.


Click the checkmark to save your text

Make your text transparent:

Now drag your text layer beneath the duplicate background layer.


Drag the text layer beneath the duplicate background layer

The order of the layers should look like this:


Text layer beneath duplicate background layer

Now click on the arrow icon in the layers window as shown below:


Select the arrow icon in the layers window

From the drop down menu, select “create clipping mask”.


Click on "create clipping mask" in the drop down menu

Stylize and position your text:

Your background image should now be visible through the text. Now select the text layer and position and resize it as you’d like.


Select the text layer

In the video I resized the text by going to “edit > transform > scale”. If resizing this way, remember to hold down the shift key on your keyboard while dragging because this keeps your text from becoming distorted.


Go to "edit > transform > scale

Now double click on the text layer to show the layer style window.


Double click the text layer

Tick of “stroke” in the styles column to add a border around the text.


Tick off "stroke"

Choose a color for your border.


Choose a stroke color

If you’d like, you can even drop a shadow on the text by ticking off the “drop shadow” checkbox in the styles column. I had the opacity at 75%.


Tick off "drop shadow"

In the video I also set the angle at 93 degrees.


Angle at 93 degrees

When you are finished stylizing your text, click the “ok” button.


Click the "ok"

Remember that you can move the text around to reveal different areas of the background.

You can also change the background color from white to another color by clicking on the left square of the solid color fill layer. See the image below for more details:


Select the background in the color fill layer

I used burgundy for the background which is the color hex code #590000. Of course, you can use any color for your background.


Fill the background with the color of your choice

If you’d like, you can crop your text using the crop tool in the left tool bar Crop tool icon

This is how I cropped my text:


Crop your text

When finished, my text looked like this: