How to Save in Favicon Format Using Photoshop CC

As many already know, Photoshop is the most popular photo editing programs available which is why it surprises me that it lacks the ability to save favicons.

I say that it surprises me because a favicon is a must for any webmaster and since a favicon is technically an image, I’m surprised that this format isn’t supported by Photoshop.

So what should you do? Should find a new photo editing program that is capable of saving your image as a favicon?

Well if you’re like me, you’ll like try to figure out how to get Photoshop to save your image as a favicon — at least this is what I ended up doing.

The good news is that there is a way that you can do this and that is by installing a Photoshop plugin. The plugin can be found at

They actually have the plugin available for Windows and Mac and the plugin is actually compatible with Photoshop CC even though Photoshop CC isn’t listed on the page — well at least not at the time of me writing this article.

In the video below you can see how I installed the plugin.

Can’t view the video? Watch it on YouTube

Download the plugin:

First you’ll want to download the plugin at as already mentioned. For Photoshop CC, you’ll want to download the plugin that is compatible with your computer’s operating system and Photoshop CS6.

Install the plugin:

After downloading the plugin, you’ll want to locate the file on your computer and extract it.

After extracting the file, you’ll want to read the read me file which is included.

If you’re on Windows, you’re in luck because instructions exist.

If you’re on a Mac like I am, you’ll end up wondering why the read me file is missing these instructions, but don’t worry because the installation process is pretty much the same.

Windows instructions:

Add the ICOFormat.plugin file to:

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop\Plug-Ins\File Formats

Mac instructions:

Add the ICOFormat.plugin file to:

Applications/Adobe Photoshop CC/Plug-Ins/File Formats

In the File Formats folder is missing in the Plug-Ins folder, simply create the File Formats folder.

Save in favicon format:

After installing the plugin, you’ll want to quit Photoshop and relaunch Photoshop.

Then create the image that you plan to use as your favicon and save it by going to “File > Save As” and choose “ICO (Windows Icon)” as the format.