How to Create Categories in PrestaShop 1.6.x

After putting together a tutorial which shows people how modules work in PrestaShop 1.6.x (which covers category modules), I figured I’d put together a detailed tutorial on how to create categories and subcategories as well. In the video below, you can watch the step by step tutorial.

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Adjusting category image sizes:

To adjust the size of your category images, simply go to your admin panel, “preferences” and “images”.

Then simply look for “category default” and click the “edit” button to adjust the image size.

Create a new category:

To create a new category, simply go to your admin panel, “catalog” and “categories”.

Then click on “add new category” at the top of the page.

Enter in the name of your category in the “name” input field.

For “displayed” choose “yes” if you’d like the category to be visible in your store and “no” if you’d like to hide the category. This function comes in handy if you don’t have any products listed in the category. Personally, I’d set “visible” on “yes” once products are added to the category.

For “parent category”, you’d want to choose “home” if you want the category displayed as a top level category. Now if you want the category displayed as a subcategory, you’ll want to click on the “expand all” button and select the category that you want set as the parent.

A “description” is optional.

An “image” is also optional.

The “meta title” is also optional and should only be entered if you’d like it to differ from the name of the category.

As for “meta description”, I recommend entering one even if you left the description field empty. I also recommend entering a description that doesn’t contain any HTML code.

For “meta keywords”, this is optional and the tag has been depreciated by many search engines.

As for “friendly URL”, this field is automatically populated using the category name. Of course if you’d like the friendly URL to differ from the category name, you may enter that name in this field.

For “group access”, you will want to select all of the group names that you’d like the category to be visible to.

Edit the category navigation menu:

To edit the category navigation menu, simply go to your admin panel “modules” and “modules”. Then look for the module named “top horizontal menu” and click the “configure” button to add or remove the categories that are displayed in this menu.

Listing a product:

After creating your categories, you are ready to start listing products and for more information on this, you can see my tutorial on listing a standard product.