How to List a Grouped Product in Magento

Grouped products are a great way to help people find items that go well together. Personally, I like this product type because it’s a great way to up sell products.

For example, if you have a shirt, pair of pants and shoes that go well together, adding these items to a grouped product can increase the chances of your customers buying a complete set. This is also useful because it can help people find matching items that are scattered across multiple categories.

In the video below, I created a ‘living room set’ grouped product. This resulted in a listing which had an ottoman, chair and couch listed together but available for purchase individually.

Can’t view the video? Watch it on YouTube

I recommend reading the how to create a simple product tutorial prior to proceeding with this one because simple products make up grouped products.

To start go to ‘catalog > manage products’ and click the ‘add product’ button.

If you’d like to choose an attribute set which you’ve created, choose one from the list. Here’s a tutorial on attributes and attribute sets.

Once on the item creation page, simply enter your information as you would for any other other product type.

In the ‘images’ section, be sure to upload pictures of the individual items if you’d like to show them, because the images from the individual simple product listings are not added automatically.

In the ‘inventory’ section, be sure to select ‘in stock’ for ‘stock availability’, because your item won’t show up on your site unless you do this.

In the ‘associated products’ section, tick of the boxes next to the items that you want to be grouped together in your listing and click the ‘save’ button.

Your newly listed grouped product should look something like this:

Grouped product example

Note that if you don’t want the simple products to show up in your store individually, simply edit each listing and set their ‘visibility’ to ‘not visible individually’.